Tips to Get Your Electrical System Summer Ready

When you think about getting your home summer ready, you’re likely picturing your family breaking out the pool toys and backyard furniture. However, there’s a more important component to your home that also needs to get summer-ready: your electrical system.

If your electrical system isn’t operating correctly in time for summer, your home will fail to power your Air Conditioning units, your freezer full of garden harvest and ice cream, and your pool and making for some mighty uncomfortable summer days. At GB Electrical Services, we care about your safety and comfort therefore, we compiled a list below to help you bring up summer readiness to your local electrician and to better understand their process.

Get an Air Conditioner Tune-Up

Regular AC maintenance handles simple repairs like changing out dirty filters and clogged coils. However, once a year, your HVAC system should also undergo an AC tune-up. This service is usually more extensive than maintenance and assesses your system for major energy waste and ways to reduce your monthly electric costs.

Make the Switch to GFCI Outlets

Installing GFCI outlets is required by the electrical code when the outlet is in a room or area that is frequently exposed to water. While this is typically in spaces like your bathroom or kitchen, it also includes the area by your pool. GFCI outlets redirect stray voltage away from your home and family, increasing safety by avoiding accidental electrocution. If your home was built before the ‘70s and hasn’t had any electrical upgrades, it’s time to make the switch.

Install a Sub-Panel For Your Above-Ground Pool

Modern technology requires the endless need for outlet space and power. Another issue with an older home is that your electrical panel likely gets overloaded easily. While it may work now with your current energy load, adding a large item like an above-ground pool can damage your electrical panel and even cause a fire if it doesn’t have the capacity to handle more current.

Electrical panel replacements are pricey and may not be feasible before summer starts. However, there is a cheaper option. A sub-panel connects to the same system as your current electrical panel but offers an additional unit. Typically, this unit is only used for one amenity. In this case, it would only power your pool, taking some stress off itself and your main panel.

Choose GB Electrical Services For a Summer-Ready Home

The beginning letters in GB Electrical Services, stand for “get the best electric,” because when you choose us, you are choosing the best local electrical company in Mecklenburg County.

Our electricians are extensively trained and experienced in electrical repairs and replacements. They show up for your electrical projects or upgrades with professionalism and preparedness. Whether it’s switching a circuit breaker or completing an entire home rewiring, our experts have the skills to get the job done efficiently and safely.

Let us help you get your electrical system ready for summer and keep your monthly bill at a reasonable rate. Call us today at (980) 500-2378.