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GB Electrical Is Generac-Certified

For homeowners in the Mint Hill, Charlotte, and the surrounding areas of North Carolina, generators can offer greater functionality for their home, a convenient source of secondary power, and peace of mind during severe storms and other inclement weather. That’s why GB Electrical is proud to be a Generac-Certified generator installer. We are authorized by Generac to provide services and assist with any air-cooled generator-related issues you may be experiencing.

Our Generac certified technicians are available to provide yearly inspections of your Generac Home Backup generator to help maintain its reliability over the years. Call and book your appointment today in any of our service areas.

What does it take for an electrician to become Generac-Certified in order to provide you with a higher level of service?

• Installation training
• Repair training
• 3- to 4-hour qualifying prerequisite test
• Rigorous 30 hours of off-site training
• Hands-on simulated final exam
• Certified testing equipment
• Annual recertification
• Complete retraining every 3 years

Why Get a Generator?

There are many reasons to consider generator installation at your North Carolina home or business. For example, generators provide on-demand power for commercial or business use, particularly in places where electricity is not available like a construction site. Generators are also ideal for backup, or auxiliary power, during outages or home projects, or during severe weather events. Find out how a generator can provide you with convenience, peace of mind, and comfort.

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The Two Types of Generators


  • Functions like a backup generator, but smaller
  • Light enough to take with you


  • Also known as a standby generator
  • Provides long-term electricity during extended outage
  • Installed permanently
  • Designed to provide uninterrupted power
  • Powered by internal combustion engine
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