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If you are thinking about investing in a generator at your North Carolina home or business, it can be helpful to understand your options: There are two different types of generators. You will need to choose between portable generators and whole-home generators.

Portable (Manual) Generators

A portable generator, sometimes referred to as a manual generator, functions very much like a backup generator except that it is smaller—sometimes small and light enough to take with you anywhere you go. Portable generators are coupled with interlock systems—safety mechanisms that prevent backfeeding—to ensure a safe and seamless transition to backup power during an outage.

Whole-Home (Standby) Generators

Also known as a standby generator, a whole-home generator is a backup power solution that provides uninterrupted power supply for homeowners. It can provide a long-term electricity source during an extended outage that might be caused by any number of factors. Storms are probably one of the most common events that can cause power outages. Fortunately, a backup generator can provide power for needed appliances and other requirements even when you might not be at home.

Unlike portable generators, a backup generator is about the size of a large air conditioner and is installed permanently on a concrete slab in your yard. Its function is to give you uninterrupted backup power for as long as an outage lasts. In the event of a power loss, a transfer switch disconnects your home system from the utility and starts the generator. This transfers power to the electrical system of your home. Once power has been restored, the transfer switch shuts the generator down and returns the connection to your utility. Most home generators are powered by an internal combustion engine similar to your car and are fueled by liquid propane, diesel, or natural gas.

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