Hot Tubs and Pools in Charlotte, NC

Most people consider spas and swimming pools to be relaxing. With heating systems, pools and hot tubs can be enjoyed all year long. Any time one of these is put in place, wiring will be needed. Homeowners need to rely on professionals for Electrical Service. Without a professional installation, homeowners could put themselves and their families in danger and will likely find their swimming pools and hot tubs do not work appropriately.

An Electrician Needs to Take Care of the Hot Tub Wiring

Once a homeowner has decided on the hot tub or swimming pool of their dreams, there are a few things an electrician will need to carry out on the property. Homeowners should never rely on a DIY approach to a pool or hot tub wiring because it could lead to serious injuries and even death. An electrician will take care of the following services for new pool or hot tub owners.

There are a few wiring and electrical issues that will need to be taken care of before homeowners will be able to enjoy their hot tub or swimming pool fully. In most cases, a hot tub is going to require a waterproof GFCI box. This box must be installed a few feet from the hot tub and the work should be done by an electrician to meet code.

A trench will need to be dug between the hot tub and the GFCI box. Everything must be done according to code so it will pass inspection when the inspector comes out to ensure everything has been installed correctly. With everything handled by the electrician, homeowners can rest assured their hot tub will be ready for safe operation.

The Electrician Will Handle the Wiring of the Swimming Pool

There is a standard swimming pool wiring package that most electricians offer homeowners in Mint Hill, North Carolina. It is important homeowners are aware of the parts of the package so they will know what to expect. The following offers insight into the components of these packages.

    • The standard package will always include an electrical permit. An electrical permit is required for any new installation of electrical components. Without a permit, problems can arise that lead to extra fees and penalties.
    • The labor and materials are always included in a swimming pool package. The wiring will need to be connected to the pump and timer, the lights, the GFCI box, and any receptacle plugs. Having the wiring installed by a certified electrician means it will be done safely and effectively.
    • The team will also work to make sure every aspect of the new wiring and electrical components will pass inspection. If the components and wiring do not pass inspection, the homeowner will not be allowed to hook up the swimming pool wiring or use any electrical components.

Our Services Take Care of All Your Hot Tub and Swimming Pool Wiring Needs

Our Hot Tub services and swimming pool packages are meant to take care of all your wiring and electrical component needs. We want our customers to understand electricity is dangerous and should never be worked on without full training, knowledge, and the right equipment. We are here to provide our services when our customers need us most.

We understand you want your swimming pool and hot tub wired appropriately. Having the right wiring in place is essential for safe and proper operation. From start to finish, we take care of all the services you need so you can enjoy a new swimming pool or hot tub.

Our certified electricians provide an array of electrical services for our customers. In addition to hot tub and Pool services, we can also wire your new pool house or the deck. Allow our certified technicians to meet with you and go over all your needs. It is our goal to provide the highest level of customer service, and we stand behind all the work we do for our customers.

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