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When you need a trusted electrical provider close to home in Huntersville, North Carolina, you can count on GB Electrical. We proudly provide dependable, reliable, and thorough electrical solutions. Whether you need us to fix faulty wiring in your home, replace the electrical box, or install a backup generator, our team is ready to help. Our skilled and experienced electricians are the experts in residential electrical repairs and solutions for homeowners in Huntersville, and we look forward to serving you and your family.

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Electrical Services

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Protect Your Home
When the electrical system in your home is outdated, it is important to prioritize repairs for your safety. For example, we can replace or install new electrical outlets, perform maintenance on your Generac generator, or install a complete home surge protection solution. We understand that it is so important to keep your home’s electrical systems running at their most optimal level of performance. Our electricians can upgrade and maintain the systems at your Huntersville home, giving you peace of mind.

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Get a New Electrical Panel
One of the most common sources of electrical issues is an outdated or damaged electrical panel. The electrical panels in your Huntersville home are key to the performance of your electrical systems—if your panel is in disrepair, it is important to discontinue its use and have it replaced as quickly as possible. Rely on us to protect your home electrical system’s integrity.

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Repair or Upgrade Your System
In some cases, your electrical panel may be functioning but not performing optimally—for example, maybe certain breakers get tripped frequently depending on your electrical use. Our skilled electricians can assess the situation and provide you with guidance in terms of electrical panel repairs or upgrades. Our goal is to keep you and your family safe while meeting your electrical needs.

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Generator Power Tailored to Your Home
There are many reasons why you may want to install a backup generator at your Huntersville home. During inclement weather or storm warnings, a generator can provide peace of mind. Also, if you regularly tackle home improvement projects, a generator can be a very useful tool. No matter why you seek backup power, our team can help you choose a whole-home generator that is tailored to your unique needs. Explore our generator solutions in Huntersville.

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Equip Your Home With a Charging Station
If you are thinking of getting an electric vehicle or a plug-in hybrid, don’t forget one important aspect of your purchase: You will need a home charging station. Our experienced electricians will consider your vehicle’s power needs, identify the best placement for your station, and customize a rewiring solution to your Huntersville home. Get ready for the arrival of your new EV or hybrid with GB Electrical.

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We are committed to bringing the very best electrical services to homeowners in Huntersville and throughout Mecklenburg county in the Charlotte metro area. From home rewiring to electrical panel upgrades, we are prepared to meet your needs. Contact us today and we’ll plan our visit to your home to deliver exceptional electrical solutions.

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