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GB Electrical is your reliable local electrician in Kannapolis. We are a trusted family-owned electrical service provider serving the greater Charlotte, North Carolina, area. Our strong reputation is built upon the expertise and courtesy of our electricians, who specialize in delivering professional residential electrical repairs and solutions. Regardless of the complexity of your electrical problem or project, we stand ready to identify the best home solutions for you, ensuring superior results. Join the Kannapolis community that has placed its trust in our team. Partner with us for tasks such as upgrading outdated lighting and electrical systems, repairing faulty wiring, installing backup generators, and more. Reach out to us today to discuss your needs.

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Whether you need an electrical inspection, a new electrical panel installed, generator maintenance, or home rewiring, we will work hard to find a solution and ensure your satisfaction with the results.

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Electrical Services

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Let Us Troubleshoot Your Problem
We are Charlotte’s top electrical repair company, offering everything from outlet repairs to generator repair and surge protection services. We will troubleshoot your issue, whether it is an issue with lighting or a wiring problem. Have us take a look.

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Count On Our Trusted Electricians
From a small outlet installation project to a larger rewiring electrical installation, you can count on our trusted electrical technicians. We offer ceiling fan installation, new wiring installation to replace old aluminum wiring, hot tub wiring, and much more.

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Fix or Upgrade Your Breaker Box
Your electrical panel, the core of your electrical system, requires maintenance. We can repair or replace an outdated panel at your Charlotte home. Our electrical panel repairs and installation services help you prevent fires and protect your appliances and devices.

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Get a Whole-Home Backup Generator
Whole-home backup generators provide many benefits to Charlotte homeowners, including backup power during outages and severe weather and auxiliary electricity for home improvement projects. Our team can help you find the right generator for your home.

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Install an Electric Car Charger
Are you interested in an electric car but not sure if you have adequate power at home for your EV charger? Our knowledgeable electricians in Charlotte can help with determining your EV power needs, reviewing wiring options, and choosing a charging location.

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Electrical Repairs

Preserve Your Electrical System

Count on GB Electrical with confidence for all your electrical needs in Kannapolis. Whether it’s installing new electrical outlets, servicing your Generac generator, or providing comprehensive whole-house surge protection, we’ve got you covered. Our dedicated team will assess your unique requirements and devise the most effective solutions to meet all your electrical needs. Rest assured, your electrical system will be expertly handled by our team of professionals.

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Electrical Installation

Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

Ensuring the functionality and safety of your electrical system is crucial, and it begins with your home’s electrical panel. If you encounter an aging or damaged electrical panel in your Kannapolis residence, rest assured that our experienced team is ready to provide expert replacement services. Our reliable electrical installation solutions are designed to safeguard your home’s electrical integrity, giving you absolute peace of mind.

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Electrical Panel Repairs

Get Protection for Your Home

To ensure your home’s electrical panel functions seamlessly, regular maintenance is essential. If you have an outdated breaker box in your Kannapolis home or experience frequent tripping, you can trust our team of experts to deliver professional repair or upgrade services. We’re here to maintain the electrical integrity and safety of your home through our electrical panel services.

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Whole-Home Generator Installation

Discover Backup Power Benefits

Discover the numerous benefits of outfitting your Kannapolis residence with a backup generator. Whether it’s ensuring peace of mind during severe weather events or providing extra power for home improvement projects, a backup generator is a valuable investment. Allow our team to help you select the perfect generator that suits your home’s unique needs. Stay ready with a reliable backup generator solution.

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EV Charger Installation

Get Your Home Ready

Considering the purchase of an electric vehicle in Kannapolis? Ensure your home is prepared for an EV charging station. Our team of skilled electricians is prepared to help. We’ll assess your vehicle’s power requirements, pinpoint the best charging station location, and recommend a tailored rewiring solution. With our expertise, you can confidently prepare your Kannapolis residence for the arrival of your new electric car.

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Get the Best Electrical Services in Kannapolis

At GB Electrical, we are dedicated to providing top-tier electrical services to homeowners in Kannapolis and throughout Cabarrus County and the wider Charlotte metropolitan region. Whether you require lighting enhancements, home rewiring, or electrical panel upgrades, we are well-equipped to fulfill your requirements. We take pride in delivering tailored electrical solutions for your Kannapolis home. Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can assist you.

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