Electric Panel Upgrades

YourMint Hill Electric Panel Upgrades electrical panel provides your home with all the electricity you need and even regulates the energy supplied to individual circuits. This panel is a crucial part of your home. Without it, multiple systems will be affected.

Residents in Mint Hill, NC, use far more electricity now than they have in the past. It’s simple—modern homes need modern, updated electric panels. An increased number of appliances that are constantly running means your home is using more electricity than ever.

This panel can be set up in a few different places throughout your home. Some common locations include the garage, a utility closet, or even outside. Having access to your electric panel 24/7 is crucial because you should check it regularly for signs of damage.

What Is an Electric Panel?

An electric panel, otherwise known as a service panel, supplies and regulates the electricity used in your home. Typically, the electricity feed is composed of three large wires.

However, the electricity that these wires supply is not used for single appliances, like your refrigerator or individual light fixtures. Instead, the wires are linked to an electric panel that distributes the proper amount of electricity to each circuit.

Different parts of your home need different levels of electricity. On average, lights use 15 amp circuits, whereas an appliance will typically require up to 50 amp circuits.

The electric panel is an essential part of your home, and when the demand on a circuit is higher than that which the panel was built to supply, the breaker trips. When this happens, there are many electrical hazards that threaten you and your home.

When Is It Time for an Electric Panel Upgrade?

Here are some good reasons you should call the professionals and get an electric panel upgrade:

  • Your breaker trips often
  • The panel is old and outdated
  • The panel is corroded or has physical damage

It is unsafe to have an old, outdated, or damaged panel in your home, but it can be difficult to determine whether your panel needs an upgrade if you aren’t a trained professional.

If you need an electrical panel upgrade, it’s smart to call a professional electrician, like GB Electrical Services. We will send an experienced electrical technician to identify the problem with your panel and provide a solution.

Breakers Constantly Tripping

If you notice your circuit breaker tripping over and over again there’s likely a problem with the breaker box itself.

Either way, an expert with GB Electrical Services can identify the issue and suggest better ways you can meet the electricity demand in your home. More times than not, if your breaker is tripping often, it’s an indication that the panel should be replaced.

Old and Outdated Panel

Most panels will need to be replaced by the time they’re 25 to 40 years old. Just as your appliances and fixtures may need to be replaced, your electric panel is going to become worn down after years of use.

Another problem with outdated panels is their use of fuses instead of breakers. Fuses were used before breakers were even invented and are an indicator that your panel needs to be replaced.

Whether you know that your panel is over 25 years old or its age is a mystery, call the professionals with GB Electrical Services to have it inspected. We can tell you if it needs to be upgraded or simply repaired.

Physical Damage

Water is never a good thing for an electric panel. Rust is a sign that your panel has recently come into contact with a water source. Corrosion from water damage can cause electrical shock and further damage to your devices.

We will inspect and identify the extent of the physical damage of your panel to determine your next move.

Benefits of an Electric Panel Upgrade

Not only will an electrical panel upgrade make your home safer, it will also provide other benefits, including:

Electrical Fire Prevention

Getting an electrical panel upgrade is the best way to ensure that your panel is not a fire hazard. Proper panel installation according to code will greatly reduce the chance of an electrical fire happening in your home.

Increased Capacity

Old panels are not equipped to handle the amount of electricity modern homes require. This means that, with an old panel, you simply cannot run all the devices, appliances, and fixtures you want.

An electrical panel upgrade is the best way to meet the modern electricity needs in your home.

Peace of Mind

With an upgraded panel from GB Electrical Services, you will have peace of mind in knowing that your electrical panel was installed properly. We even have free quotes on our electrical panel upgrade services.

Don’t spend valuable time looking for “the best electrician near me” when GB Electrical Services is right here and ready to help!


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