Electrical Installation Services in Mint Hill, NC

From the smallest rewiring project to the largest residential electrical installations, doing the job correctly is the only way to ensure safety in your home. Making your home safe is always our priority at GB Electrical Services. That’s why so many families in the area trust us for electrical replacement services and installations.

Every electrician on our team has the Technician Seal of Safety. We guarantee that anyone who comes to your home for an electrical installation with be drug tested, background checked, and professionally trained.

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Professional Home Electrical Installation in Mint Hill, NC

If there are any electrical projects that you need to have done around the house, you can be sure that we offer those services. We can take care of every type of electrical installation from ceiling fan installation to electrical panel replacement. Just let us know what you need! We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with all of our services so you can rely on the quality of our installations.

Ceiling Fan Installation

When it comes to ceiling fans, they need to be properly installed so that they aren’t at risk of falling from the ceiling. Plus, you don’t want a ceiling fan that is constantly giving you problems or wobbling instead of running smoothly. Let us take care of it! We will make sure your ceiling fan is safely and properly secured and wired.

Outlet Replacement and Installation

If you have outdated outlets, the outlets in your home could be doing so much more for you than they are right now. An outlet replacement can make it much easier for you to access your electricity and plug in all of your devices without using extension cords, power strips, or even a USB adapter. Let us come and install three-prong outlets, GFCI outlets, USB outlets, 240V outlets, and much more. 

Electrical Wiring Installation

Do you still have old aluminum wiring in your home? This type of electrical wiring is safe as long as it’s in perfect condition. But often, time and changing weather can cause loose connections and fire hazards. We can rewire your home and make it safer with our electrical replacement and rewiring services.

Surge Protection Installation

There are many situations that can cause power surges in your home. Some are more obvious like lightning strikes or the power coming back on after a power outage. But smaller power surges can be a problem too. Every time you turn on a major appliance, you could be causing small power surges that can have long-term effects on your devices. With a whole home surge protection installation in Mint Hill, you can make sure your devices are protected from all types of power surges. 

Electrical Panel Installation

Are you planning on adding on to your home or putting in a new hot tub? You may want to think about electrical panel replacement. Electrical panels should be upgraded or replaced every 20-30 years or when they aren’t able to handle your electrical needs anymore. You can also call us for an electrical panel installation if you have a Zinsco panel, a Federal Pacific Electric panel, or a fuse box.

Generator Installation

When you have a generator, you won’t have to worry about power outages anymore. Our generator installation services include helping you find the perfect generator for your home and having it correctly installed so that it will work reliably the next time there’s a power outage. 

Lighting Replacement

If you aren’t happy with the current lighting in your home, you can have us come and put in new lighting. We specialize in under cabinet lighting, LED lighting, recessed lighting, outdoor lighting, and much more. Call an electrician from GB Electrical Services for lighting replacement in Mint Hill and the surrounding areas. 

EV Charger Installation

If you’ve finally purchased the electric vehicle that you’ve been dreaming about for the past decade, our team would be happy to come in and install your EV charger. We can help you with all of the electrical details to make sure your home is ready for the new addition.

More Residential Electrical Installation Services

At GB Electrical Services, we’re here 24/7 for emergency electrical replacement services. We offer many more installations and replacements including:

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