Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment or EV Charger for short

Choosing an EVSE.

Many different EV Chargers are available today. Customers will want to research the best type for their needs. Some important things to consider are: Level 1 120V vs. Level 2 240V, cord length, smart technology, outdoor rating, and safety certification. We found this link helpful. https://insideevs.com/news/341500/the-ultimate-buyers-guide-to-home-ev-chargers-plus-top-5-picks/

You have your EV Charger and need it installed, now what?

Determine if you have adequate power for your EV Charger. Typically, homes have a 200 Amp electrical service. This is enough power in most cases. Some homes may still be operating on a smaller electrical service and need to be upgraded. Another consideration is if the electrical service has adequate space for the dedicated circuit you will need for your new charger.

Many factors may go into where you choose to locate your EV Charger. An obvious choice to mount and locate your charger is in a garage as close to your electrical panel as possible. Of course, an outdoor unit may make sense for your needs. Depending on your vehicle make and the cord length of your EV Charger, a different option would work best. Also consider your future needs. Maybe you see a second Electrical Vehicle in your future that could possibly “load share” off one circuit.

A knowledgeable electrician can help you with your power needs, wiring options, and location. Make sure to communicate all your questions, thoughts and future wishes to us and we can help.

Check out Duke Energy’s frequently asked questions: Click Here

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