Electrical Panel Upgrades In Charlotte, NC

When thinkingCharlotte Electrical Panel Upgrades about all of the things that make North Carolina great, there are more than just a few things that come to mind. The NASCAR Hall of Fame, the very first Krispy Kreme, and UNC Chapel Hill are likely at the top. After all, who doesn’t like fast cars and good donuts, right?

While you’re at it, you can go ahead and add GB Electrical Services to that list. Although we are not as prominent as the iconic places listed above, we have developed a reputation for providing quality electrical contracting services in North Carolina.

We have a team of dedicated and friendly electrical contractors that offer superior workmanship, a customer-first attitude, and excellent pricing. Our professionals can provide a wide array of residential electrical services, including panel upgrades.

The electrical panel is responsible for routing power throughout your home. When it is working properly, you will have safe and reliable electrical services. When it is not, you are at risk for a catastrophic failure that can endanger your family and property.

Signs that You Need Panel Upgrades

You should keep an eye out for any signs that your service panel is due for replacement. Doing so can prevent electrical fires and other hazards. 

Here are some of the most common indicators that you should contact GB Electrical Services for a panel upgrade.

Electrical Panel is Old and Outdated

The typical residential electrical panel will last for about 25 years. However, some panels may last as long as 40 years. As your panel ages, the internal components will wear and begin to malfunction.

If your panel is over 25 years old and you aren’t sure if it needs to be replaced, contact GB Electrical Services for an inspection. Our professionals can determine whether your existing panel is in good working order or not. We even provide upfront pricing on panel upgrades.

Frequent Tripped Breakers

Even if your panel is less than 25 years old, it may still be due for an upgrade. One common sign of panel problems are frequently tripped breakers. This can occur due to issues with internal components or because your home’s electrical panel cannot keep up with demands of modern appliances.

You Have Fuses Instead of Breakers

As noted above, most panels need to be replaced at around 25 to 40 years of age. One way to tell whether your panel is old and due for an upgrade is if it still contains fuses.

Electrical fuses were used prior to the invention of circuit breakers. If your service panel uses fuses, then you should contact GB Electrical Services for an upgrade as soon as possible.

Benefits of a New Service Panel

A panel upgrade will make your home’s electrical service safer and more reliable. Some additional benefits include:

Connecting New Appliances

The electrical panels found in older homes were not designed to accommodate the demands of modern appliances. When our team installs a new panel in your home, we can increase the capacity of your electrical system. This will allow you to safely connect new appliances like pool pumps, EV chargers, and water purification systems to your service panel.

Preventing Fires

A modern electrical panel will be installed in accordance with the latest building codes and safety standards. This will ensure that your home’s electrical system is safe. You will drastically reduce the chances of experiencing an electrical fire in your home and you will no longer have to worry about faulty wiring or an outdated panel endangering your family, either.

Improved Convenience

A damaged or malfunctioning panel can result in power surges, flickering lights, and frequently thrown breakers. When you contract with GV Electrical Services for panel upgrades, these headaches will be a thing of the past.

You will be able to confidently use all of your modern appliances without worrying about throwing a breaker. As an added bonus, eliminating these fluctuations in power will also extend the life of your electrical equipment.

Service Panel Upgrades Near Me

At GB Electrical Services, we understand that upgrading your electrical panel is a major investment. That is why we offer upfront pricing and competitive pricing on panel upgrades. Our team even provides flexible financing options so that you can spread out the cost of a new service panel over several months.

If you would like to hear about our upfront pricing, or if you’re ready to schedule your panel upgrade, contact GB Electrical Services. When it comes to your home, don’t settle for less. Get the best!