Charlotte, NC Electrical Outlet Installation Services

The modern home relies upon electricity to do just about everything on a daily basis. Whether its to power your refrigerator, your TV, your lights or the many devices your family uses on a daily basis, electricity is integral to the functionality of your home. But electricity without the appropriate outlets is pretty much useless.

Broken outlets or outlets that don’t give enough capacity to an apparatus are disappointing and can even be perilous. When a family needs to have the outlets in their home repaired or upgraded they can hire a local professional electrician to take care of it.

What’s new with electrical outlet installation?

Whether your home is older or newer, there are likely a few upgrades with your outlets that you could benefit from. From USB to GFCI and smart outlets, outlets have had many advancements since the old standard two-pronged models were installed in homes. You can review the different types of outlets below to give you an idea of what you can do at the time of your next electrical outlet installation job.

Switched Outlets

Some outlets are equipped with one switch in place of a second plug receptacle. This switch has the capability to allow or block the flow of electricity coming from the outlet. Rather than unplugging the gadget, you can basically turn the outlet on or off.

GFCI Outlets

A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlet is engineered to stop the flow of electricity when a short circuit or a ground fault is detected. This type of outlet will keep you from being electrocuted if water is introduced to it, which is the primary reason they’re required in bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas near water. They look a lot like a regular outlet, but have two buttons that can be used to reset it when it’s tripped. To protect your family from accidental shocks, it would be wise to have an electrician replace any outlet installed within six feet of a water source with a GFCI outlet if your older home doesn’t have them already.

AFCI Outlets

Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter AFCI outlets only became standard in 1999, so older homes may not have them. Since 1999, AFCI outlets have been installed at electrical panels to prevent electricity from jumping, or arcing, between wires, which is a common cause of electrical fires. You can hire a professional electrician to add GFCI outlets to your older home, installing them at the electrical panel or at the beginning of each circuit.

20A Outlets

Certain devices need a larger amount of power than the usual outlet can supply. Laundry rooms and kitchens typically have some 20A outlets to power appliances with high energy demands. These look just like the regular outlets, but they have a small slit on the left side of the opening to let you know that they are 20A outlets.

If your breakers are frequently tripping or your appliance requires more power than your outlets can supply, an electrician can upgrade your current outlets to 20A ones.

USB Outlets

Lots of devices today use a USB cord to provide power, but they are unable to use a traditional outlet without also having an adapter, which is a nuisance for many reasons. There are outlets on the market today that integrate one or more USB ports, which eliminates the need for an adapter. USB outlets typically either have two standard ports and two USB ports, or they can have four USB ports but no standard ports. Depending on what your family’s requirements are and the areas of the home where the outlets are needed, you can choose between these options and have the electrician install exactly what you want.

Smart Outlets

Devices plugged into smart outlets can be controlled using apps or voice commands. Turning devices on and off is easier and homeowners can set a schedule for the use of lights.

Lights can be programmed to go on and off at a particular time when you’re not home, so it appears as if you are there to deter thieves from breaking in. Another reason to do this is to lower your energy bills and increase the outlet’s efficiency. Smart outlets cost more than normal outlets but their use and advantages are countless.

If you have an outlet that isn’t working or one that has a visible burn mark, you should have it inspected immediately by an electrician. People who have no experience in dealing with electric work should let the electrician do the job in order to avoid dangerous situations. That is why to prevent the risk of injuring yourself in the process, simply call for your local electrician to fix it.