Electrical Services in Matthews NC

For most people in Matthews, NC, the furthest thing from their mind is what is going on behind their home’s walls. Every time someone flips a switch or plugs in a device, they are tapping into the home’s electrical system. If these wires are old, damaged, or malfunctioning, issues may arise.

When everything is working fine, there is no serious risk. However, if the wiring starts to deteriorate or malfunction, issues may go on unseen to someone who does not know what to look for—like the average homeowner. To many homeowners, quality wiring will appear the same as damaged wiring, which can cause serious problems if no steps are taken to repair the damaged wires. This is where professional Electrical service providers come in.

According to information from the U.S. Fire Administration, faulty wiring is responsible for over 53K fires per year. These fires alone result in more than $1.4 billion in property damage and over 500 fatalities.

Homeowners need to take care of their home’s electrical system to ensure they do not become part of this statistic. There are a few ways to ensure a home’s electrical system continues working properly, from replacing old or damaged wires to investing in panel upgrades. Knowing the signs that service is needed is also beneficial. Keep reading to learn what some of the most common signs of problems with a home’s electrical system are.

Frayed Wires

Corrosion, fraying, and heat can cause serious issues with a home’s electrical wires. Additionally, the wires may be damaged due to punctures by screws, nails, or other items in the walls. Some critters, such as mice and rats, will chew on the wiring, which is not appealing, but is a real problem.

If a homeowner notices signs of rodent activity in their home, they should check all of the wires in the area to make sure there is no visible damage. If wires are damaged, they need to be evaluated and replaced by a professional electrician.

Switches That Cause a Shock

If a switch causes a shock, it is a tell-tale sign that the wiring or switch has been damaged. In some situations, a switch that shocks cause a wire to short out. Not only does this hurt, but it is also a sign of a short circuit. Sometimes, the issue may be a device or appliance that has been plugged into the problematic switch, a damaged wire, or a problem with the actual switch.

If this problem is ongoing after the devices have been removed, it means the wiring of the switch has been damaged. If this happens, it is essential to call an electrician for help. They can evaluate the switch and determine the proper repairs.

Issues with Fuses or Breakers Tripping Regularly

The home’s circuit breaker is designed to protect the home from potential electrical dangers. They will trip if the circuit exceeds the ampere rating. A fuse provides the same protection level but will blow and have to be replaced if the ampere limit has been exceeded.

If there is a fuse or a breaker in the home that tends to go out regularly, there may be a few potential reasons. For example, there may be too many higher-ampere appliances connected to a single circuit, which increases the ampere rating for the breaker. The other issue is that there could be a short circuit somewhere in the circuit’s wiring.

When fuses or circuit breakers go out often, it is a sign that the wiring needs to be repaired or replaced. An electrician can help a homeowner figure out what the best course of action is.


If smoke is seen from an electrical switch, outlet, or appliance, do not wait to take action. If smoke is detected, turn the offending device or appliance off and check for signs of an obvious issue. Never touch the wires. Instead, turn off the main electrical power. This will ensure the issue does not cause more issues before a professional can arrive to provide the needed repairs.

Do Not Wait to Call for Electrical Repairs or Services

When it comes to electrical issues, a homeowner cannot afford to take chances. If repairs are not invested in right away, serious problems may arise. Take some time to call the professionals to help ensure the desired results are achieved and the home’s electrical system works properly and efficiently. Being informed and knowing the signs of a problem are the best ways to handle any issue that may arise.

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