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Do Not Get Left in the Dark

do not get left in the dark

Do Not Get Left in the Dark Living in the beautiful, vibrant community of Mint Hill can be fun, exciting, […]
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ev charger

EV Charger Installation: Everything You Need to Know If you’re the proud owner of an electric vehicle (or about to […]
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Your Guide to Home Rewiring in Mint Hill, NC

Your Guide to Home Rewiring

How old is your home electrical wiring? If it’s been a couple of decades or you don’t know for sure, […]
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Tips for Rewiring

7 Tips for Rewiring an Old House in Mint Hill, NC Home rewiring can be a daunting but necessary task […]
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Electrical Panel

If You Haven’t Looked at Your Electrical Panel Recently, Read This! Electricity is one of those things we get on […]
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