Home Rewiring in Charlotte, NC

Older homes often deal with a mess of electrical wiring due to various additions installed over several decades to a system that was already outdated and not strategically laid out for convenience. This results in different gauges of wiring running throughout the house, the possibility of overloaded circuits, and a high probability of incorrect grounding, all of which create safety hazards and an electrical system that is not up to local and state codes. Rather than attempt to make small updates here and there, homeowners should play it safe and have a professional Electrical Service rewire the entire home as soon as they start to notice weird flickers, smells, or power surges.

A Dependable and Dedicated Team of Electricians

Rewiring a home is a big job and should be left to a professional team of electricians, like the team at GB Electrical Services. These individuals are thoroughly trained and certified as well as drug screened and well-mannered so that customers don’t have to fret over the craftsmanship or attitude brought into their home. Arriving on time and stocked with any tools or parts that the job requires, the team will quickly set to work so that customers experience only mild inconvenience during the rewiring process.

Eliminate a Possible Snag in the Sale of an Older Home

Many people seek out older homes to purchase because they love the look and atmosphere that these structures offer, but an outdated electrical system can be a major setback for the buyer. Homeowners who are concerned about their outdated electrical system should take advantage of the free estimate service that most electricians provide. During the visit, the electrician will evaluate the size of the home, demands of the residents, number of large appliances, and average energy costs before forming a quote that details the labor, parts, and most efficient way to run the new installation. Homeowners receive estimates from multiple electricians so that they have a variety of options and can pick the one that best fits their budget.

Electricians Who Work Closely With Their Clientele

Once the rewiring project is underway, homeowners can decide to stay put or reside elsewhere. If the residents stay in the home, the electricians will attempt to limit power interruptions as much as possible, but the removal of old wiring, outlets, sockets, and switches will create a fair amount of noise and airborne debris. Either way, the electricians at GB Electrical Services will work diligently to minimize the disruptions to the client’s lifestyle and clean up any mess made as they move throughout the project.

Increasing a Home’s Value Through an Electrical Update

The installation of new wiring is a great way to improve the market value of an older home. An updated system increases the overall safety, drastically reducing the chance of an electrical fire or shock from aged wiring or improper grounding. Running new wiring also creates dedicated circuits for every room to help control the delivery of power and minimized overloads. Additionally, a complete Rewiring adds convenience and innovation by setting up outlets, switches, sockets, and smart devices in locations that are easily accessible while also providing hookups for devices using newer technology.

Keeping Electricity Safe Around Water

The main objective of household Electrical rewiring is safety, especially in areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and porches where moisture is present. Water-related accidents can be easily avoided when new electrical lines are run through conduit pipes and connected to GFCI receptacles to ensure that moisture doesn’t interact with the electrical current. The conduit seals the wires off from any wetness as well as eliminating a potential shocking hazard while the GFCI receptacles automatically cut off power when coming in contact with water or a power surge overloads the line.

Including Outdoor Features in the Rewiring Process

Rewiring the home also includes any outdoor lighting and garage connections to help ensure that the entire property meets the most recent codes and there is no exposure for any of the lines that run outside. During the rewiring process, the electricians will bury encased electrical lines under open areas of the property as well as to a depth that keeps them safe from accidental damage by animals or lawn tools. Any outdoor receptacles will be replaced with GFCI versions and mounted into bubble covers that help seal out moisture, while all of the existing lights will be thoroughly inspected to ensure that the fixtures and hook-ups are acceptable for wet conditions. The final connections will involve placing the garage on a specific circuit while the general outdoor lights and receptacles are kept separate to ensure better control in case something malfunctions.