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The Tar Heel StateMint Hill Home Rewiring is known for a lot of great things. North Carolina is home to the nation’s oldest public university and the original Krispy Kreme location. Thanks to GB Electrical Services, North Carolina is also home to a premier electrical servicing team.

Our prompt and professional staff members can quickly identify the issues with your electrical system and make necessary repairs. We provide a full range of residential electrical services, including whole home rewiring. This complex task can be extremely time-consuming, especially if you partner with the wrong service team. 

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Signs that You Need Home Rewiring

An old or malfunctioning electrical system is not just frustrating — it can be downright dangerous. If you notice that your home’s wiring is beginning to malfunction, then you should contact GB Electrical Services right away. 

Here are some of the most common signs that you may need home rewiring services.

Your Home’s Wiring is Decades Old

The average residential electrical system will easily last for over 20 years. However, wiring that is in excess of 30 to 40 years old may be due for an upgrade. As your home ages, the wiring will degrade, decreasing its reliability.

The easiest way to determine whether your home’s wiring is in good working order is to schedule an electrical safety inspection. During this service, our professionals will examine your wiring and electrical panel. If it is in poor condition, they will recommend repairs or electrical rewiring.

Discolored Outlets and Burning Smell

If you frequently detect the odor of something burning, but cannot identify the source, then you may be experiencing a serious wiring malfunction. This often goes hand in hand with discolored outlets and light switches.

Arcing between loose wires can leave dark burn marks on these fixtures. This can be a sign of a major issue. This problem is especially concerning if the discoloration is present on multiple outlets.

Flickering Lights

One of the most common indicators of a wiring issue is flickering lights. While any home will occasionally experience a power surge that causes momentary flickering, these occurrences should be infrequent. However, a home with damaged wiring will frequently experience interruptions in the power supply that cause lights to brighten or dim without an obvious cause.

It may be tempting to ignore this seemingly minor annoyance, but doing so can put you at risk for an electrical fire. At a minimum, you should schedule an electrical inspection to find out whether you need home rewiring or a repair.

Constant Circuit Breaker Trips

Your home’s circuit breaker is designed to prevent dangerous overloads. However, it should not constantly trip. If it does, this may be a sign of an issue with your home’s wiring.

Outdated wiring may provide excess electrical power, which will cause the breaker to trip. If you find yourself constantly resetting your circuit breakers, then you need to call GB Electrical Services. We will troubleshoot the problem and get to work on your home rewiring or repair project.

Benefits of Electrical Rewiring

The biggest benefit of having your home rewired by GB Electrical Services is that you will have a safe and reliable electrical network. Our thorough repair service will replace every inch of old, outdated wiring. New wiring will eliminate all of the problems described above, allowing you to enjoy your electrical appliances.

Home rewiring has other benefits, too. New wiring can protect your home from damage that may be caused by an electrical fire. Outdated wiring is hazardous and can even allow home insurance companies to skip out on paying for damage to your home. Since GB Electrical Services is fully licensed and insured, you will have proof that your home’s electrical wiring is safe and up to code.

Modern wiring will also boost resale value if you ever decide to upgrade to a new home. You can advertise this work to any potential buyer or home inspection team. Although it is a major investment, having your home rewired by GB Electrical Services will pay dividends for years to come.

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At GB Electrical Services, we always put our customers first. With that in mind, we offer flexible financing options on major repairs, including electrical rewiring. This allows you to get the service you need at a price you can afford.

If you would like to learn more about our home rewiring services or are ready to request a quote, contact our team today.

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