Electrician in Harrisburg, NC

LocatedHarrisburg Electrical Services between Concord and Charlotte, the city of Harrisburg is right in the middle of NASCAR country. Easy access to professional motorsports has made the residents of Harrisburg accustomed to speed.

Fortunately, GB Electrical Services can deliver! At least in terms of fast, quality electrical services, that is.

For nearly two decades, our professionals have provided North Carolina residents with prompt and affordable electrical contracting. As part of our recent expansion, Harrisburg is now included in our service area.

When it comes to residential electrical, our team does it all. We handle small jobs like professional lighting repair but are also equipped to perform larger projects like total home rewiring or panel upgrades. You can always count on GB Electrical Services!

Home Rewiring in Harrisburg

The average residential electrical wiring can easily last 40 years or more. However, older homes were not designed to handle the increased strain caused by modern appliances.

Between smart home devices, larger refrigerators, and automated equipment like robot vacuums, most of the outlets in your home are in use. This heavy energy consumption can cause outdated electrical wiring to fail.

If you have experienced frequent outlet failure and flickering lights, then you may need rewiring services. The surefire way to find out is to contact GB Electrical Services. One of our experienced electricians will inspect your home’s wiring and help you decide how to proceed. We even offer free quotes.

Panel Upgrades in Harrisburg

Another common source of residential electrical problems is a panel that is too small or poorly configured. GB Electrical Services can replace your current unit with a modern panel that has a larger capacity. This can allow you to safely add new items to your power grid.

Whether you have just installed a pool or a whole home generator, you may need to upgrade your panel. If you think that your panel may be due for replacement, consult with our pros to find out for sure.

Whole-Home Generator Installation in Harrisburg

For the majority of the year, Harrisburg experiences excellent weather. However, we are also prone to our fair share of winter snowfalls and summer storms. These events can disrupt your home’s electricity, resulting in a prolonged outage.

Since you are dependent upon electricity for most daily activities, an outage can have a major impact on your family’s quality of life. In addition, it can become quite costly due to spoiled food and a lack of productivity. This is especially true if you work from home or run a small business.

The best way to protect your home is with a whole-home generator. GB Electrical Services can install one of these systems at your residence and connect it to your electrical system. In the event of an outage, the generator will automatically turn on. Once power is restored, it will shut off and return to standby mode.

We can help you choose the right model and size of generator for your home. Once it is installed, we can also provide ongoing maintenance at an affordable price. GB Electrical Services can keep your new generator working like new.

Hot Tubs and Pools Electrician in Harrisburg

Purchasing a hot tub or pool is an exciting experience. You and your family will get hours of enjoyment out of your new home luxury.

However, the pool’s pump and the hot tub’s heating system will need to connect to your home’s electrical panel. These tasks require the skills of an electrician. A professional from GB Electrical Services can hook you up and even upgrade your existing panel if necessary.

EV Charger Home Installation in Harrisburg

Electric vehicles continue to become more popular and affordable. If you have recently decided to upgrade to an EV, then you will need a home charging system.

Installing an EV charger is not a DIY project since it involves high voltage electrical wiring. A single misstep can damage your new vehicle or, even worse, cause serious injury.

The best approach is to contact GB Electrical Services. We can install both standard EV chargers and proprietary Tesla chargers. Our electrician will help you choose the best charging system for your needs. If necessary, we can upgrade your electrical panel so that it can accommodate a more powerful charger.

Additional Home Services With GB Electrical Services

GB Electrical Services can handle any residential electrical project. Some frequent services we provide include:

As you can see, we truly do it all! As a bonus, we offer flexible financing options so you can get the service you need while also sticking to your budget.

Call GB Electrical Services For All Your Electric Needs

When you need electrical services or repairs, don’t settle for a second-rate contractor. Contact GB Electrical Services! We guarantee a rapid response and an exceptional service experience.