7 Tips for Rewiring an Old House in Mint Hill, NC

Home rewiring can be a daunting but necessary task to tackle, depending on the age of your home. However, you can trust the professionals at GB Electrical Services to fill you in on everything you need to know to get your Charlotte home rewiring project done right. 

Set a Budget

The first and most crucial step is to set a budget. Imagine a number you’re comfortable with, and add some room for error. Rewiring an old house can turn into a larger project than you expect, so allowing for some flexibility will help you out in the long run. Depending on your budget, you can tackle the entirety of your home in one sweep or break down the project by room. As a rule, never skimp on materials. Cheap materials can lead to unnecessary risk.

If you’re planning on hiring professionals at some point, consider a company that offers competitive financing. With GB Electrical Services, you have powerful financing options on your side. For the sake of transparency, we even keep a helpful chart of expected pricing depending on the plan you select and the anticipated cost of the project.

Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

Your main service panel, or breaker box, is the beating heart of all things electrical in your home. Significantly older homes may not have a strong enough electrical panel to sustain the power draw of your modern appliances. Microwaves, desktops, laptops, and larger coffee machines tend to draw lots more power than older devices, so we recommend upgrading your panel to at least 100 amps to support modern technology adequately. 

Install Dedicated Circuits

Adding on to the above point, you want to create dedicated circuits for areas of the home where certain major appliances will live. This allows your essential appliances, like your refrigerator, to stay on when other appliances might trip the breaker.

If everything were on the same circuit, the risk of tripping the breaker increases and so that the risk of losing power to all of your appliances skyrockets.

Install Three-Prong Outlets

For the sake of safety, as well as supporting modern technology, install 3-prong outlets. Older homes might have some, or all, 2-prong outlets, which run a higher risk of electrical shock. 3-prong outlets, on the other hand, support a ground, which helps keep you and your electronics safe. 

Get GFCI Outlets for the Kitchen, Bathroom, and Outdoors

Anywhere there’s water in or around your home, you’ll want to install GFCI outlets. GFCI stands for ground fault circuit interrupter. A GFCI outlet is designed to cut power if there’s any risk of electrocution.

Because you’re likely to use tools and appliances in the kitchen, bathroom, and outdoors, the potential for these items to come into contact with water is significant. Should any of these highly conductive items come in contact with water while using them, you can rely on your GFCI outlet to cut power and keep you safe.

Space Your Outlets Correctly

While rewiring your home, you’ll want to make sure you evenly space outlets throughout the space. Typically, you want to aim to install outlets six to eight feet apart throughout the home. This helps eliminate the need to use extension cords, which can be a significant fire hazard.

However, you should always review local laws and codes before moving forward with any of these projects. Spacing rules can be different in different types of rooms, and for very good reasons. As a rule of thumb, always install your outlets in compliance with local regulations.

Get a Professional Electrician

Home rewiring is a very serious task and a potentially dangerous one if you mishandle certain equipment. Not only do you need to know everything about building code as it applies to electrical, but you also need to know how to conduct yourself safely while rewiring. Master electricians need over 12,000 hours of field experience to consider themselves such. If you don’t happen to have that kind of experience, consider hiring professionals for your own safety. Electrical mishaps can also put your home at risk of severe damage.

Electrician Near Me

If you’re in the Charlotte area, GB Electrical Services is the place to call for top-quality professional electrical service. Our electricians are some of the best in the industry, and you can rely on their prompt, courteous service as soon as you make an appointment. If you need home rewiring services in Charlotte, there’s no better team than ours in the area.