How to Safely Address Electrical Problems After Extreme Weather

Storms with heavy wind and a lot of rain can cause damage to your home and cause electrical problems. Practicing electrical safety before, during, and after a storm can help protect your family from the potential danger of damaged or wet electrical equipment. By following our guide for how to safely address electrical problems after a storm, you will feel more confident about the steps you should take when there is an electrical problem.


First Steps: Prepping Your House Before a Storm

Some of the work of protecting your home and family from electrical problems from a extreme weather can start before the first raindrop falls. Here are some of the steps you should take, especially when you live in an area like Mint Hill, NC, and towns surrounding the Charlotte area that get frequent storms.

  • Protect Against Leaks to Prevent Electrical Problems

The first step to electrical safety is keeping your wiring and appliances dry. Stay current with roof and plumbing maintenance, and make sure you address any problems with frequent basement flooding by installing a sump pump.

  • Protect Against Power Surges to Prevent Electrical Problems

Power surges can damage electrical equipment in your home. They can happen during a lightning storm or when your utility company turns the power back on after an outage. You can protect your home with whole-home surge protection, and you can also protect individual outlets with surge protector power strips.

  • Protect Against Bad Wiring to Prevent Electrical Problems

Bad wiring can be a problem even when there isn’t a storm, and it’s the cause of many house fires in the US. If you have old wiring, you can get your house rewired to keep your electrical system up to code. The benefits of home rewiring can include a lower risk of fire or electrical injury, and improved house value. You may especially need rewiring if you have aluminum wiring or knob and tube wiring. We offer house rewiring services in Mint Hill, NC, and all of the surrounding areas.

Next Steps: After the Storm

After the storm has come and gone and you are cleaning up the mess, make sure to keep these safety tips in mind:

  • Stay Away From Downed Power Lines

Never approach a downed power line in your yard. If you accidentally get close to a power line, shuffle slowly away from it with both of your feet on the ground. If the downed power line is in a pool of water, make sure to not touch the water since it may be conducting electricity.
For more information about downed power lines safety take a look at this flyer ESFI-Downed-Power-Lines.pdf

  • Be Careful Near Electrical Appliances

If you have wet electrical appliances or appliances that are sitting in a pool of water in your basement, stay out of the water to avoid electrocution, and avoid turning on your appliances until they’ve been inspected by an electrician or other home service technician.

  • Follow Generator Safety Guidelines

Do not use portable generators in an enclosed space such as a garage. Don’t plug a generator into a normal power outlet unless your home has been adequately prepared by an electrician. This could be dangerous for anyone working on power lines. Don’t run a generator on a wet or flooded surface.

  • Schedule an Electrical Repair

If you suspect any damage to your electrical system, make sure to call for a home electrical repair right away. You may need to have your electrical wiring inspected for water damage, and you may need other services such as outlet replacement or repair.

A GB Electrical technician is on a latter outside a brick home repairing the powerline going into the house. The power line was damaged during a storm.
GB Electrical technician is repairing the powerline going into the house. The power line was damaged during a storm.

Electrical Repair Services in Mint Hill, NC

At GB Electrical Services, we are always here to help after a storm. You can always get in touch with us if you have any questions about electrical safety or if you need to schedule electrical repair services.

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