How old is your home electrical wiring? If it’s been a couple of decades or you don’t know for sure, it may be time to address the issue. Old wiring doesn’t perform as efficiently as newer wiring, which can raise your electric bills and pose a safety hazard in your home. 

If you’ve been having electrical issues or you’re looking to optimize your Mint Hill, NC, home, the professional electricians at GB Electrical Services are standing by to help!  

About Home Rewiring

Home rewiring is a big job, which is why it’s best left to the professionals. Rewiring refers to the process of taking out all the old, outdated wiring inside your home’s walls and replacing it with newer, more efficient wiring. 

During rewiring, a professional electrician strips out old wiring in every room. This process involves removing outlets, lighting fixtures, and switches. It’s an involved process as the electrician searches for hidden wiring that isn’t always easy to locate. 

Once the old wiring is removed, the electricians will replace it by connecting newer, more efficient wiring that’s up to code and more practical for your modern home’s needs. 

The Benefits of Home Rewiring

In addition to making your home safer, home rewiring affords you the opportunity to make some changes. You can change the location or number of outlets in the rooms of your home, eliminating the need for extension cords.

This is also a good time to consider upgrading your outlets and switches to the newer “smart” varieties that better accommodate current technologies.

This thinking applies to lighting, too. You can change the location of your current lighting fixtures or take advantage of the opportunity to install new fixtures and lighting solutions. 

How to Tell If You Need Rewiring

If you’ve never thought about home rewiring, you may not know if you need it. Sometimes, this need is a little more obvious as lights flicker and outlets continually stop working. 

Here’s how to know if you should consider home rewiring:

Your Home is Several Decades Old  

Homes older than 40 are likely due for an electrical upgrade. The wiring used in the decades past runs the risk of degradation from years of use. They aren’t up to modern standards for safety. 

Aluminum Wiring

Homes built between 1965 and 1975 were often fitted with aluminum wiring instead of copper. While aluminum is generally safe as a conductor of electricity, the connections tend to not be as safe, which can lead to fires. 

Additionally, aluminum wiring is prone to oxidation, which leads to a layer of aluminum oxide. This layer of oxide isn’t conductive for electricity and poses the threat of overheating. 

Knob and Tube Wiring 

Often referred to as open wiring, knob and tube wiring is common in houses built prior to the 1950s. This wiring style lacks a ground wire, which prohibits the use of three-prong plugs. It also increases your home’s fire risk significantly. 

If your home was built during this era, a knob and tube wiring replacement is a high priority. 

The Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

You may have been trying to make coffee while your breakfast warms, but now, you’re standing in darkness because you overloaded the power circuit. If this is a common occurrence in your house, it’s time to start thinking about rewiring. 

The circuit breaker is designed to trip every time you draw too much power. While this shut-off safety feature is great — it means it’s doing its job — it’s also incredibly frustrating. Excess power from old wiring is to blame for this annoyance. If it’s become a common problem, it’s time to talk to a professional electrician.

Burning Smells and Discoloration 

A burning smell that you can’t locate may be coming from within your walls. Faulty wiring can sometimes spark. These sparks scorch outlets, causing discoloration and posing a very real fire threat to your home. 

If you notice any burning smells you can’t resolve or find any signs of discoloration on your walls or outlets, it’s time to bring in a professional to ensure electrical safety. 

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