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You likely paid a lot of money for your Recreational Vehicle. It’s a smart investment for family vacations. However, what about between your vacations? Perhaps you can find a use for it while it stands on your property. You can probably think of so many ideas for it.

We encourage you to get the most out of your RV by keeping it powered all the time! Installing a dedicated outlet just to charge your RV is a brilliant way to make the most of it. Plug your RV in while you are at home and keep the battery charged and in working order. By doing this, you can use all the electrical appliances in your RV while it’s on your property.

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What Else Can Your RV Be Used For?

If you own an RV and want to repurpose it while you’re not on holiday, here are a few ideas.

Guest House

You can redecorate your RV and rent it to other people enjoying a vacation in your hometown. Many people don’t want to stay in an expensive hotel; your RV could be a suitable option. This can also bring in an extra income. 

Spare Bedroom

If you get a lot of visitors and you’re tired of giving up your bed for them to stay over, you could turn your RV into a comfortable guest bedroom. 

Rent It Out

Like a spare bedroom or a flat, your RV could be rented out while you aren’t using it. Unlike a guest house, this can be a permanent home for someone. This can bring in a constant income for you and your family!

Recreational Room

You could turn your RV into a relaxing space to enjoy some peace and quiet away from the rest of the house.

RV Outlets

To use your RV for these things, you need it to be connected to your home’s electrical box. The RV will need a specific electrical source to be able to power all the appliances and lighting. GB Electrical Services can make your ideas a reality.

Regular home outlets may not be able to power your RV as well as you’d like. So, running an extension from your house to your RV won’t allow you to use all the appliances. A home outlet is normally rated at 15 amps. An RV requires an outlet that is at least 20 amps or higher. If you have a large RV, it is recommended to install a 50-amp outlet. This installation is slightly more complicated and requires a new circuit breaker and special wiring.

Special RV outlets require more than just wiring and a new breaker. Since they are outside, they have to be installed safely. The outdoor outlet has to be weatherproof and waterproof. It also has to be mounted in a place that is easily accessible to your RV. If you have an electric vehicle and an RV, you can combine the EV charging station with your RV outlet if they are in convenient places to power them both. 

RV Outlet Installation

The electrical work involved in an RV outlet installation is complicated and requires an electrician to ensure it is done properly and safely. A professional electrician will know how to install the breaker and outlets and hook up the wiring. GB Electrical Services has a group of trained electrical experts that will walk you through all the steps of installing the outlet.

If your RV is in your yard, you must have a line run underground and install a dedicated pole to mount the RV electrical box. You can decide if you want a 30-amp or 50-amp hookup. The 30-amp will be perfect if you have a smaller RV. However, if you have a big RV with power-draining appliances (like microwaves, coffee machines, and HVAC units,) the 50-amp hookup will better suit your needs. 

Choose GB Electrical Services

We offer a wide array of electrical services besides RV outlet installations. Our electricians are highly qualified and friendly – always ready to help! We care about your safety and ensure that your electrical systems are compliant. If you already have a dedicated RV outlet that needs repairs, you can contact us to take care of it. With GB Electrical Services, you can have it all!

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