Smart Lighting – Enhancing Your Home’s Safety

First, what is Smart Lighting? Smart Lighting refers to the use of advanced technology to control the lighting in your home or anywhere you have or want lighting. It allows you to adjust the brightness, color, and timing of your lights using a smartphone app or voice commands. These advanced lighting systems can easily be installed in existing homes and be customized to fit your preferences.

Safety Features of Smart Lighting include:

Vacation Mode or Smart Away:

Leaving your home unattended can be concerning, but with the Smart Away feature, you can set your lights to mimic your regular usage patterns. This deters potential intruders by making it appear as though someone is home, increasing your home’s security.

Automatic Shutoff:

Caseta can be programmed to automatically turn off lights after a specific duration. This feature not only conserves energy but also reduces the risk of accidental fires due to forgotten lights or appliances.


Using the app and your GPS location the lights can be programmed to turn off as you leave your home or as you approach your yard. Have your driveway and entry automatically illuminated, welcoming you home.

Peace of Mind:

Knowing when your lights are on or off exactly when you want or do not want them to be! Statics have told us for years that lighting your home is a deterrent for potential criminal activity. Here’s a link to 11 Clever Ways to Deter Burglars.

Explore the world of smart lighting and discover how Caseta by Lutron not only offers convenience and elegance but also integrates essential safety features to protect your home. From mimicking your presence with Smart Away to automatically preventing accidents with features like automatic shutoff, Caseta ensures your peace of mind without compromising on style.

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