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The cityConcord Electrical Services of Concord is a great place to live and work. What you may not know is that it is home to four professional race teams, including Hendrick Motorsports and Earnhardt Ganassi Racing.

Concord residents will also have access to the services of GB Electrical Services. While our technicians can’t quite keep up with those speedsters at Hendrick, we do offer the fastest and most affordable electrical services around.  

Our experienced electricians can perform a full array of electrical work. Whether you need a simple smoke alarm installation or a total home rewiring, we are the team for the job.

Panel Upgrades

Modern homes are more dependent upon electricity than ever before. While you may have the latest appliances and technology, it is important to ensure that your electrical panel can keep up. Whether you have just purchased an electric car or moved into a historic home, you can benefit from a panel upgrade.

Our team will replace your old, outdated panel with a brand-new one that has additional breakers. It will be capable of handling a larger electrical demand without issue. In addition, we can ensure that it is in compliance with the latest safety standards, so your home will be safe for your family.

Home Rewiring

Another popular service for older homes is complete rewiring. While most electrical wiring will last for 40 years or more, problems can arise at any point. If your home has been remodeled or received an addition, it may contain inconsistent wiring that can cause you a major headache.

Outdated electrical wiring is another cause for concern. Old wiring is often prone to problems such as shorted-out outlets and flickering lights. If you have noticed these issues, then it’s time to contact GB Electrical Services.

We strive to work promptly and efficiently so that we cause minimal disruptions to your daily life. We perform all work in accordance with state and local guidelines to ensure that your home is up to code and safe for your family.

EV Chargers

If you have recently made the decision to upgrade your ride to an electric vehicle, you will need a home charging station. Fortunately, we can help with that too! Our professionals can install a standard EV charger or a Tesla charging station.

We will help you choose the right charger for your home. As mentioned above, we can even upgrade your electrical panel. If your panel has limited space, replacing it with a higher-capacity model can allow us to install a more powerful EV charger. This means that your car will be road-ready even faster.

Contact GB Electrical Services so you can maximize the benefits of your electric vehicle.

Whole-Home Generators

A prolonged power outage can be frustrating. Not only does it leave your family without electrical appliances, but it can also cost you money. Without power, your refrigerated food supply can spoil.

The best way to protect against outages is with a whole-home generator. These systems are tied directly into your home’s electrical system. When the power goes out, the generator will automatically turn on. When your electrical service provider fixes the issue, the generator will shut down and return to standby mode.

Generators are fueled by either diesel, propane, or natural gas. GB Electrical Services can help you pick the right style of generator for your home and get it installed in no time. We also provided affordable service packages to keep your new generator working at its best for years to come.

General Residential Services

GB Electrical Services is here for all of your residential electrical needs. In addition to major repairs and installations, we can help with minor services, as well. We can connect appliances for hot tubs and pools like heating elements, pumps, and any other device you need to enjoy your new amenity.

We also offer professional lighting repair and installation. Upgrading your home’s lighting is an easy way to revitalize a room and improve its aesthetics. Our lighting services include the installation of new fans, too. Fans are an affordable way to cool your rooms without straining your HVAC system.

Electrical Services Near Me

When you need a trustworthy electrical contractor for your Concord home, look no further than GB Electrical Services. We have provided quality electrical services to our customers for nearly two decades.

Our competitive pricing and rapid response times will allow you to get the services you need when you need them. If you need more information or would like to schedule a service, contact GB Electrical Services today!


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